Tanya Carrier

Tanya Carrier • Las Vegas Runners High Performance Team Member

5K 19:43
10K 43:12
Half Marathon 1:33
Marathon 3:14

“I started running at the age of 13 after I was cut from the softball team two years in a row.  My coach told me I was the fastest runner and a great hitter but I was too afraid of the ball.  He told me I was in the wrong sport, that I should try out for cross country.  I asked him ‘what’s that’ then made the decision to start running.  It changed me as a person and changed my life forever.  I went from being a timid, young girl who didn’t have many friends to being a runner who was on a team.  Running has taught me self-confidence, motivation, perseverance and dedication, and with that, I improved my situation in school and in life.  Today, I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been.”
Has Run New York City, Chicago and Boston Marathons
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