Las Vegas Runners Half & Full Marathon Training Program

Spring races are our favorite because we get to train in the glorious weather that passes for “winter” here in Las Vegas. No snow. No ice. Just glorious running weather, piling on the the training runs as you get ready for your target spring race.

You can achieve your goals with a community of like-minded runners. Whether you are new to running or an elite Boston qualifier, the Las Vegas Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Training Programs will push you to meet your goals while offering up support and camaraderie. You’ll train hard. We will push you to reach your goals. Along the way you’ll form lasting relationships for what we hope to be many runs to come! Visit our STORE to get registered today!

We have a training program that will get you ready for your Spring goal race. Our training programs take you through three phases: Phase One – Base Building, Phase Two – Strength and, Phase Three – Sharpening. Each phase builds on the fitness and knowledge you developed in the previous weeks so that by race day we have you standing on the starting line healthy, fit and ready to reach your goal.

You won’t be alone. These are group training programs so you will be training with other runners who have similar goals. The group creates motivation and peer pressure to make the workouts.  We offer three group runs each week with experienced coaches who know from personal experience that some run days are harder than others. Your coach will help you get through the tough runs and will stand with you when you celebrate the easy ones. Helping you achieve your goals is what this is all about.

Marathon Half Marathon
Start Date Sat, Dec 16 Sat, Jan 26
Duration 19 Weeks 13 Weeks
Training Miles +700 +300
Cost $300 $200


Pick a goal race!  Our Spring Training Program is built to prepare you for a race in late April. Since Revel Mt Charleston is local to Las Vegas we will include training runs over the Mt Charleston course to get you familiar with it’s special demands. But, there are several nearby races in the Spring.


Race Date
Salt Lake City April 13
Bend, OR April 20
Revel Mt Charleston April 27 Our focus race
Big Sur April 28
Avenue of the Giants May 5
Cincinnati Flying Pig May 5


Don’t hesitate. You know you want to do this. Make the commitment. Set the plan in place. Let Las Vegas Runners help you achieve your goals.  REGISTER NOW!

Las Vegas Runners Half & Full Marathon Training Program includes:

  • Multi-week programs to get you in peak condition for a mid-April race like the REVEL Mt Charleston Marathon and Half Marathon.
      • Marathon training starts Saturday, December 15
      • Half Marathon training starts Saturday, January 26
  • Three coached runs each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Structured pace groups so you’re always run with others of similar capability
  • Tuesday and Thursday shorter runs focused on building base miles, strength and speed
  • Saturday long runs building endurance
  • Water approx every two miles on all runs
  • Program tee shirt
  • Pre-run dynamic warm-ups and post-run static stretching
  • Regular emails addressing run related topics including nutrition, hydration, core exercises, proper running clothing and race preparation
  • Discount codes for local races

We want to provide you with a safe, conservative training program and the necessary support to help you get to the starting line of your next goal event healthy and prepared to run strong. We want to help you reach your goals.  Click HERE to register today!