Coaching Programs

Las Vegas Runners Coaching Programs


Las Vegas Runners’ offer custom built training programs to help you achieve your running goals. Each of our programs are custom built to each individual’s needs. Our coaches are nationally certified, experienced and have learned from some of the best in the country. They emphasize smart, conservative, goal-oriented training to help our athletes get the most from their performance. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your individual goals and training needs.

5K prep (3-5 months)

Our 5K preparation program will take you from your current level to your next 5K. Whether your goals is to run your first 5K or set a PR (Personal Record) at your next race, we will put together a program that will keep you on track, while minimizing the risk of over or under training.

10K Prep (5-7 months)

Our 10K program will help you prepare for your next 10K in just a few months. If you are a newer runner, we can help you get ready for your next 6.2 mile run. For those seasoned runners looking to set a personal record or complete a longer distance race, we can build you a program that will get you to be a faster runner!

½ Marathon Prep (5-7 months)

One of the more popular distances, let us help you prepare for your first or next half marathon. Longer distances can be a tough transition from the shorter 3-6 mile races. We will design a comprehensive program that will give you the structure you need in your training runs, while allowing time for modifications if necessary.

Marathon Prep (6+ months)

A marathon can be one of the most daunting distances to prepare for and is not easily transitioned to. We will put together a structured running program that will allow you to be ready to run 26.2 miles and make it as comfortable as possible. **If you are looking to improve upon a current PR, program may be shortened depending on current fitness level & running capacity.


We have experience in the longer distances such as the 50K and 50 miler. We can help you prepare for your next or first ultramarathon. Time of program differs with experience and fitness level. Please contact Melissa or Jeremy here for a personalized assessment of your current level.


**All programs are subject to modifications depending on your current fitness level, time allotment, and current mileage. Please contact Las Vegas Runners here for a complimentary consultation and assessment.